22 Jan 2014

Turn Your Laptop Into WiFi Router

Intel Centrino Wifi
It becomes easy today to turn your laptop or desktop into a WiFi hot spot or router. You can create a WiFi zone in your office or home by the dint of modern technology. 
If you have a laptop with "Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless" driver you can easily create it. 
Today we will see how to do it ?

 Internet Sharing Idea: 

Internet sharing is a fun and useful things this days. Just a right Idea can give you full access to all the devices in range in your office or home. Wireless sharing is more suitable and easy then any other process. Thanks to "Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless" devices that gives us to do it easily.

 Wireless Internet Sharing Process: 

There are 2 (two) ways share your internet with other devices in range:
  1. Third Party Software
  2. Built in wireless driver
"Third Party Software" like:
"Built in wireless driver" like:
  • Built in wireless driver is free and more secure to use without any restrictions.

 Hardware need to setup a wireless router or hot spot: 

If you want to setup a wireless router or hot spot into your PC, you need to have following 2 (two) hardware to do it:
  1. Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless Driver installed on your PC
  2. Intel My WiFi Dashboard Software ( Version 15 +)  (Download From Here)
My WiFi Dashboard

 Setup guide for wireless router or hot spot: 

First Step: install the software given above. Now run "My WiFi Dashboard" and turn on "Wireless" button in the right side pane. 

Second Step:  Turn on "HotSpot" button below "Wireless" button. You will see the devices in ranges which can be connected with you.

Third Step:  Go to "Options" menu and create new password and username for security reasons. 

Fourth Step:  Connect with the given "Username and Password" from the desired PC or Laptop.

Finally you are now connected with other devices / PCs and your computer is now a WiFi hot spot.

Enjoy WiFi Exploring !!!!!!
Thank You....