20 Dec 2013

Configure Your Computer For Best Performance

configure your computer for best performance
     Configure Your Computer For Best Performance 
It is easy to make your computer more faster and impressive with few clicks without any software. All about is to configure your computer for the best performance. After configuring your computer to best performance your computer speed will definitely increase

 Computer Performance: 

Everyone wants his computer to perform more faster and more powerfully. But for some reason "as your computer use increases the performance of it always decreases" :-

  • Use more hard disk space in drive C:\ :- ( 60% of drive C:\\ should be free for best performance )
  • Use more start-up program : Installing Programs increases the start-up programs. Some of them are necessary and some of them are really unnecessary.
  • Temporary File: All of your temporary files stores in computer for further use which can cause slow your computer up.
  • Visual Appearance: Visual appearance is one of the important factor for slowing up your computer

 How to configure for "Best Performance": 

If you want to set your computer for best performance follow the instruction below :-

     1. Go to "Control Panel" of your computer (U can go by pressing Start button then Control Panel)
     2. Select "System" from the menu list from here
     3. In system window left pane click on "Advanced System Settings" option

advanced system settings

     4. After appearing advanced system window go to "Advanced" tab and now go to "Settings" option

system properties

     5. A new window "Performance Option" will appear. In performance window you can see 4 option of your computer performance. All you have to do is select the "Adjust for best performance" option...

adjust for best performance

     6. After selecting "Best Performance" option click on "Apply" and then "OK" as in the picture above.
     7. Your visual appearance may have changed after selecting "Adjust for best performance".

Now you can get maximum performance from your computer.......
If there any problem please comment, I'll give you feedback as soon as possible....

Enjoy !!!!
Thank You..