21 Dec 2013

3 Important Tips For Windows Users

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 3 Important Tips For Windows Users 
Need speed for your computer, Start-up takes too many times? 
Want to get rid of annoying UAC massage while installing program?
Unlimited download problem, Computer goes into sleep?

 Hello friends, Today I'll share three important tips about Microsoft Windows....
  1. Speed-up computer start-up time by disabling "Windows Start-up" sound.
  2. Disable annoying "User Account Control" massage.
  3. Stop your computer from "Auto Sleep", Specially while downloading big file.

 1. Speed-up Start-up time of your computer:  

Every computer user wants his computer become more faster. As we know that while starting windows every CPU has to load too many / all devices and drivers installed in that particular computer. So naturally it takes more time to start a computer. But we don't have time to wait starting Windows. To start your computer in a short time you can do the following..

To disable start-up sound follow the instruction below:-

a.  Right click on "Desktop" and select "Personalize/ Properties" to open desktop properties.
b.  Select "Sound" option from the menu list under theme box.

how to disable startup sound

c. Form the "Sound" window deselect "Play Windows Startup Sound"

disable start-up sound

d.  Restart your computer and you are done.

 2. Disable annoying "User Account Control Massage":  

While installing any program in your computer an annoying massage appears "Do you really want to install this application?" bla..bla...bla....
Your computer screen becomes black for sometimes. And after click "yes / no" it goes out.

Today I'll show you how to get rid of that annoying massage and black screen !!

a.  First go to "Control Panel > Action Center > User Account Control Option..

change user account control settings

b.  Click on "Change User Account Control settings" option as in the picture above.
c.  Now Drag your mouse downwards by pressing and holding the value variable controller as shown in the picture below.

d.  Now click "OK" ( If you prompt then "Yes" ) and restart your computer.
e.  Now you are free to install any software without any notification.

{If you want your notification back then just drag that UAC option to upwards as it was before. You will make your settings again back to do that.}

 3. Stop "Auto Sleep" your computer while downloading:  

One of my friend asked me last week to help his computer from getting "Auto Sleep". He was downloading a 5 GB file. His computer was sleeping after 15 min of download as he was not doing anything in it without downloading. After sleeping his download naturally stops. 

It was an easy, very easy task, Usually it took few clicks to complete the work for him as I told him in phone. You also can do it easily by following the steps below:

a.  Right click on "Battery Icon" on task-bar of your laptop 
b.  Click on "Power Option" ( For desktop go to Control Panel > Power Option )
c.  You can see Power Option window... all you have to like the picture below:

change power plan

d.  Click on "Change Plan settings" to edit power plan settings..

adjust power option of laptop

e.  You can see here the option that cause this problem, "Put the computer to sleep"
f.  Select "Never" from the drop down menu for both "On battery and Plugged in" ( For Desktop " A/C Power )
g.   After selecting "Never" click on "Save Changes" button.
h.  That's it you have successfully stopped the "Auto Sleep" option for your computer.

If you want to revert to auto sleep mode back into your computer than come back into your computer "Power plan" again and select the auto sleep time and "Save Changes" here.

So, That's it for today, Hope it will help you.
Please make comment if it works for you....

Enjoy !!!
Thank You ..