24 Oct 2013

Convert Word File to PDF Without Software

office 2010
How to convert a word document into PDF without any software ?
Converting a word document is as easy as drinking water. You don't have to install any third party software to do this. What you have to do is just...

-: This Method Works for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 :-

In these days many people use various converter to convert their Microsoft Word document to a Adobe PDF format. But if you just give a good look to your Microsoft Office software it has a built in converter into it. It is easy and safe way to convert your document into PDF or other format you want.

Which format can I convert my document from Microsoft Word ?

Microsoft Office 2010 is giving you a variety of choosing to convert a Word document.
First:    Understanding the file format is important for you. I think you must known about the following table :

File Name


.doc; .docx
.xls;  .xlsx
Power Point
.ppt; .pptx
Adobe Portable Document
Data File
XML Files
Mp3 Audio File
MPEG 4 Video File
Bitmap Image
JPEG Image
Android Package File

Microsoft Word document can be saved with the following format given in the image below :-

Save As Types

Secondly :- So let's see the converting process :- Our today's discuss is about how to convert a Microsoft Word document / .docx to Adobe File Format / .pdf ; 

Converting Process :-  

Actually you don't have to convert a Word document to PDF, All you have to do is just save the file to .pdf format. That will automatically convert your Word document to PDF format.

The Processes are :-
  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Click on "File" in the top left corner of your document.
  3. Now click on "Save As"
  4. A new window will appear like the previous picture.
  5. Select the path where you want to save your "PDF" file.
  6. Give a name of your new PDF file under the "File Name" option.
Now it's time to save / convert time # Click on "Save File As" drop down menu to open popup window.

save as window
   7. Select "PDF (*pdf)" Option
   8. Now click "Save" button.

Enjoy New PDF File :-

Look for your PDF file in your saving path. Open it and you can see  your new pdf file ready to use.

Enjoy !!!
Thank You..