24 Sep 2013

Ease Your Computer Operation : Use Task-bar New-Toolbar

tabs use
Tricks to control your computer.
*** Ease your computer operation for everyday.
*** Open file/folder without opening any drive in your computer.
*** It's not making short-cut for a file or folder.

What is the target?

Suppose you have a folder named "Office Work" in drive "D:\", You stored your Microsoft Office and other important files in that folder. Every day you make some change in that folder and while changing you have to open that drive every time. 
How will you feel if you don't have to open the drive at all ?, Still you can work in that folder.

How to do it?

First choose your folder you want to work on it. 
For example I've chosen a folder in the drive "D:\" named "Office Work",
Take a look below: 

Here is drive "D:\"

Here is the folder "Office Work"

In my folder there are some word, excel, power point, adobe acrobat files.

OK!  now.... control all these file from your "Task-Bar", to do this just follow the instructions below:-

How to add new toolbar in Task-Bar?

a.  Right click on your task bar and go to "Toolbars" and then "New Toolbar"

b.  Now navigate your folder you want to control {which you have chosen earlier} and click "Select Folder"

After selecting the folder you can see a change in the right side of your task bar.  

c.  Now a new tool-bar named "Office Work" is appeared in you task-bar. Click on the "arrow mark"

Here is your files in that folder.

After successfully done this process every time you want to work on that particular folder just click on that "Arrow Mark" and your all file in that folder will appear in front of you.

You can add as many toolbar you want  in this process in your task-bar easily.

If you want to delete this toolbar just "Right click on task bar > Toolbars > Un -check your toolbar. 

That's all for today ! 

Enjoy Happy Computing !!!!
Thank You..