6 Sep 2013

Remove Boot Selection Page From Windows XP

remove boot page
Many people disturbed with windows xp boot screen's selection page of two option or waiting 30 seconds.
I'll show you today how to delete unwanted second option and direct go to boot page.

Disable Windows XP Boot Selection Page

1.  For XP users it always disturbing to see boot selection page.

2.  To go to direct windows xp boot page click "Start Button"

3.  Click "Control Panel"

4.  Control panel window will appear.

5.  Click on "System"

6. System properties window will open

7.  Now click "Advanced" tab

8.  Click "Settings" option on "Startup and Recovery" menu

9.  Startup and Recovery window will appear

10. Under "System startup" option click "Edit"

11.  "BOOT.INI" file will open

12. Make sure which one to delete first the "First One Or Second One"
      It will effect your boot so delete after being make sure and save it.

13. Un-check the first option like in the picture below

14. Click "Ok" and restart your computer to take effect.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!
Thank You..