15 Sep 2013

Microsoft Helping Nonprofits

helping nonprofits

Microsoft Office 365 Donation: 
Helping Nonprofits

Microsoft Donates $2 Million in Software to Nonprofit Worldwide.

On September 10, 2013 Microsoft has lunched a helping program for the nonprofit organization of the world.

# Presently they starts with donating Office 365 to nonprofits worldwide.

# They starting this program with 41 countries along with them.

# They will roll it out in 90 countries by July 2014.

# There is no cap on the number of nonprofit employees who can get on board, whether the organization have 10 employees or thousands. 

# With Office 365 contract system with colleagues, viewing calendar, finding ideal meeting time, sharing documents, meeting with  high definition  video conference will be available. 

## If some one work with nonprofit, It is a great time to apply for donation for nonprofits.##

See this video to know more Nonprofit

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