10 Sep 2013

How to Use Full 4GB RAM in windows 7

unlock ram
Your PC or Laptop not using full of  RAM installed in it?

No Problem, Some simple step will solve you the problem and you can enjoy full of installed RAM and speed.

How To Unlock Full RAM?

1.  First "Right Click" on My Computer and go to "Properties" to see how much RAM your PC uses?

2.  You can see the amount of used "RAM"

3.  Now press "Windows Logo Key + R" to open Run Command

4.  Write down "msconfig" and press enter

5.  Go to "Boot" tab in it

6.  Now press "Advanced options"

7.  Now "BOOT Advanced Option" window will appear, Now Look Carefully "Maximum Memory" Option is ticked.

8.  Untick "Maximum memory" option

9.  Click "OK" and Restart Your Computer

10.  After Restarting Computer Go to Computer Properties and You Can See the Change

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You..