27 Sep 2013

Solution for "Shortcut Virus" Problem of Your Pen Drive

Shortcut Virus

A critical problem happens when your pen drive's all file become only a shortcut though the file was important one. Today I'll show you how to get back your lost file and delete shortcut virus.

Delete Shortcut Virus and Regain Lost Files.

While browsing computers a terrible thing happens when your pen drive goes into another computer for transferring data. You get your files as a "Shortcut", nothing more.

Very disappointing to see your files and folders are gone some where, Only there are some shortcut files or folders in pen drive. 

Cause:-  A virus most famous as "Shortcut Virus".
                     Just you have to do is to delete this virus and have to regain your files with some easy steps.

Step 1:- Inserting your affected Pen-Drive into computer.

First you have to know the drive latter of your pen-drive by inserting it in your computer. It may very with another computer. When you will insert your pen-drive into computer you can see the drive latter in "Removable Disks" area as like the picture below.
Insert your pen-drive into computer.

You can see the drive latter like below. You should have to remember it till last.

Here "E" is my removable drive latter. Yours may another, whatever remember it.

Step 2:- Opening "Command Prompt" by Run Command.

Run command can be opened by pressing "Windows Logo Key + R" from your keyboard. Once you opened "Run" type this code in it: "CMD" and press enter button.

After that "Command Prompt" wizard will appear in your desktop.

Step 3:- Typing the main code of shortcut virus in command prompt

After opening command prompt you have to write a code carefully in it. The code is:

attrib –r –a –s –h /s /d (Drive Word):\*.* 

You have to change in (Drive Word) as your drive latter you mentioned earlier. Something look like this:

attrib –r –a –s –h /s /d  E:\*.* 

Here "E" is your drive latter, Change this latter exactly as it of your pen drive.

After typing this code press enter in your keyboard.

Step 4:- Copping the main files or folders you lost.

After pressing enter button "Open Your Pen Drive" and you can see your lost files and folders along with the shortcut files and folders.

Immediately Copy Your Real Files and Folders From Pen Drive Into Your Computer.
After copying files and folders "Format" your pen drive.

So, That's It. Enjoy your virus free pen drive again.
No more today, I'll back with another post next.

You can see the video of "Shortcut Virus":-

Enjoy !!!!!!!
Thank You.