29 Aug 2013

How to Speed Up Your Slow Computer ( 7 Easy Steps ).

speedup computer
Fix your slow computer
For many reason your computer can run slow. 
Today I'll show you the method that can run your computer faster than ever..

i.  Old cached and temporary files can cause it. Delete all temporary file.
  Open Run then write" %temp%"then select all then delete.
  Open Run then write "temp" then select all then delete. 
  Open Run then write "recent" then select all then delete.
   After delete all make sure your "recycle bin" is empty.

ii.  "Un-install"  all Unnecessary Programmes from:-
     Control Panel > Program and Features > Your Program.

iii.  Make sure you have enough "Free Space in (C:\) Hard Drive".  
   It is recommended to keep "about 60% free" is best.
    Don't keep any big file in "Desktop" because desktop located in drive C:\
    where operating system is installed.
   User documents is also located in drive C:\.  
   All your download will store in your user document.

iv. "Disable Start-Up Program" works most to speed up a pc.
     Unnecessary start up programs, tool-bars, extensions can slow your pc.
     So disable it. To know about it more go here.

v.  "Difrag Your Hard Drive" continuously.
      Corrupted hard drive data also can slow your pc. So it is recommended to
    difrag your hard drive in every month at least.
      To know about it more go here.

vi.  "Update Your Windows Always". A missing windows file runs
      your computer slow. So keep your windows up-to-date. 

vii.  "Update Your Driver Software". Old driver software run computer slow.
      So make sure your your "Driver Software is Up-to-date".

I'll tell you "how to update driver software" some day in a post.
Until then Good Bye.
Thank You..