30 Aug 2013

How to Update Driver Software

How to Speed-Up Your PC- Part-3

update driver

If your driver software out of date it cause
 your pc slow. It is recommended to keep pc
software up-to-date always.
Today I'll show you how to 
update driver software of your pc.

1. Right Click in "Computer" icon from your desktop.

2. Click "Manage" option.

3. Computer Management Window Will Open.

4. Select "Device Manager" in the Left Pane.

5. You can see all devices here.

6. Select your device you want to update.

7. "Right Click" on the device you selected and click "Update Driver Software"

8. Select "Update Driver Automatically" option with a stable internet connection.

9. Wait for completion of update process. {May Restart Required upon Update Completion}

Watch this video to know more:-

Thank you..