30 Dec 2013

Change The Boot Order Of Your PC

change the boot order of your pc
Some times we have a problem with our Operating System and we have to change it. But new operator facing difficulties while installing new OS for BIOS boot order (Specially installing from Pen-drive or External Devices). Today we will discuss "How to access or enter BIOS settings and How easily we can change BIOS boot order".

 Some Tips: 
Many people think that, Entering BIOS Settings or any kind of program he / she not use to will make harm to his/ her computer. But it is not true. An expert had to start as a novice to become an expert.

 How to Enter BIOS Settings of Your PC: 
It is easy to enter / access BIOS or CMOS settings of your PC. But before proceeding to that we must know some important things about computer. Every computer operation has a built in tips or information to its users ("Computer will automatically guide you through the process"). All we have to understand what or where to found it. 
My opinion is: Keep your eyes open to find the tips.

OK now let's go to the business: Entering or Accessing the BIOS settings:

  1. Restart your PC
  2. Beware of time as you will get maximum 10 seconds to access your PC's BIOS setup.
  3. Press "Delete" or "F2" or "Esc" or "F9" or "F12" to access settings. ( Key may vary according to your PC or bios vendor. ie: Maximum computer use "Delete/ F2")
  4. Wait till your BIOS or CMOS settings appear.
how to enter your PC's BIOS setup

Look Carefully: Here the tips for you is "Press DEL to rum Setup" ( DEL = Delete )

 How to Change Boot Order of BIOS: 

Most important things about bios setup that you have to know is "BOOT"

  • BOOT is the windows load function from where your Computer's Windows runs.
  • During Start of Computer it searches the "Boot Devices" to load.
  • Your Boot Device is your HDD. ( Specifically: C:\ Drive, where windows is installed )
  • IF you want to install new OS than you need a "Bootable CD/ DVD" 
  • Remember: If computer finds a "Boot Option", It will never search for another.

 Why your computer can't find your BOOT CD / DVD ?

  • It is because your Boot Devices is Set to "HDD," then your computer will never search for other boot option. ( When your Boot Fails only you will get a message: "Boot Device not detected")
  • Check your CD / DVD cable to make sure it is plugged in properly with mother board.
  • If every thing is OK then go for the next step....

 Changing BOOT order : 

  • To change your BOOT order enter to BIOS / CMOS setup. ( Read above how to do this )
  • Go to "BOOT" tab.
  • In BOOT tab you can find your BOOT order.
change boot order

Example 1: Look Carefully : Here BOOT order is
  • 1st Boot Device : CD-ROM Drive
  • 2nd Boot Device: Removable Device
  • 3rd Boot Device: Hard Drive
  • 4th Boot Device: Network Boot 

( If there is a Bootable CD in your CD-Drive then every time your computer will boot from CD.)

Example 2: Look Carefully : Some computer Boot Order can be like below:
  • 1st Boot Device: Hard Drive
  • 2nd Boot Device: Network Boot 
  • 3rd Boot Device : CD-ROM Drive
  • 4th Boot Device: Removable Device
(If your BOOT order like the example 2, you can't boot from CD-Drive directly without change your BOOT order like example 1)

 Change your BOOT Order : 
The instruction is given in the right information pane of your BIOS window. To change Value:
  • + or - to move device up or down.
  • Up arrow or Down arrow to select the device.

 How to save your current settings : 
To save the change you made in your BIOS press "F10" and now a massage will appear.....

save bios settings

Now Press "Enter" selecting "Yes"
That's it ! You have successfully completed your BOOT order.

Enjoy !!!
Thank You..