14 Sep 2013

Windows 8 System Restore

system restore
 Just encountered a problem with your windows 8?
PC is not running well.

Make a system restore and get smooth running system, you enjoyed before now.

System Restore Windows 8.

1.  Right click on your "Computer" on Desktop and select Properties

2.  Now click "System Protection"

3.  Now click "System Restore"

4.  Now click "Next"

5.  Now select your restore option and click "Next"

6.  Now click "Finish"

7.  Now click "Yes"  ( be careful ! once click on yes, once start could not be terminated )

8.  Restoring process will start and computer will restart automatically

9.  After restart your PC you can see "Success" massage

Your Compute Became Faster As It Was Before.

Enjoy !!!
Thank You..